16 de novembro de 2007

Nightmare journey

The worst journey I've ever had was three years ago when I was going to Porto Alegre on holiday with my friends Ricardo and Thalita.

We left Belo Horizonte by bus and traveled for seven hours to Rio de Janeiro. Mauro, Thalita’s father, met us at Rio’s bus station. Thalita stopped in Rio and decided stay home with her family. That nightmare journey was just beginning!

Mauro was going with us. We went to Galeão airport at 11:00 PM. Our flight to Porto Alegre must be at 02:00 AM but it was cancelled. The next flight to Porto Alegre was delayed to 09:30 AM and could not departure on time too or it even could be cancelled.

In the hope of taking some flight to Porto Alegre we had the worst idea we've could had. We took a plane who was going to Mexico City and stopping at São Paulo. We arrived at Guarulhos at 10:00 AM. But bad idea and bad luck: all flights there were delayed too and some has been cancelled!

So, it was 06:30 PM when we got place to sit in a plane which was going to Buenos Aires and was stopping at Porto Alegre. Finally, we arrived at Porto Alegre almost 24 hours late. This story happened again on the returning and it cost one more day traveling back.

It only paid its way because I met my love Verinha and ate a genuine gaucho barbecue!

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